hot herbal compress

One of the most special therapies to come out of Thailand, 15 different healing and aromatic herbs are hand chopped and wrapped tightly in organic, unbleached cotton. They are then steamed and gently pressed into sore and tight muscles.

Herbal massage is known for its healing properties. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the internal organs. Each herb offers a different, specific benefit such as detoxification, anti-inflammation, antiseptic, uterine nourishment, softening of the tendons, anti-itch, arthritis and pain relief, and immunity boosting. Combined with gentle Thai Yoga stretches, muscles are softened and relax into increased flexibility.


+ 30 MINS - $65



Reiki addresses the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects through a "laying on of hands”. It facilitates in the removal of stuck energies and helps to return your entire being to a state of balance. The word REIKI is formed by two Japanese words:

Rei: God’s Wisdom or Higher Power    -  
Ki: Life Force Energy    -  

Together REIKI means Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.


+ 30 mins - $60


Personalized Wellness Program

Following your session, receive an assessment and wellness suggestions for your particular needs and issues.

A personalized wellness program includes a 30 minute consultation where I will show you exercises and stretches for you to add to your daily routine.

I may also make lifestyle and nutritional suggestions or offer recommendations for other healing modalities. It is a truly a customized collection of informed suggestions to help get you feeling your best.


+ 30 mins - $75