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April 4, 2017

What it's like to do Thai yoga

- the technique where you get twisted into a knot by the instructor

by Emily Christian and Caroline Aghajanian

"This yoga Instructor does all the work for you. Sarah Seely runs Thai Brooklyn in NYC."




Sarah is incredible!!! Magic in Greenpoint!!

"After coming highly recommended by a friend, I scheduled a 90 minute session with Sarah and WOW. I can't recommend it enough!

I never had a Thai Yoga Massage and I can't wait to go back!!! Be open about where you are holding stress and tension in your body, she will know exactly how to release those areas and it feels oh so wonderful. I had a lot of upper back tension, and we worked that right out of there. She's a lovely soul and I can't wait to go back for a follow-up session. Go go go!!!!

- Mariel D.


Amazing experience

"My fiancé and I just had a 2 hour Thai massage lesson with Sarah. We had the best time.

Sarah is amazing.

She creates a welcoming space with awesome energy. We learned so much and received great massages as well. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone. We will be back.

- Adam Kallen



"I have made Sarah my regular therapist.

Not only is it a great relaxing massage but she also shares insight into what is going on with my body and exercises to try.

And she is delightfully warm and present.

- Anya K.


Patron Goddess of the Scrunched-Up

"I have had MANY traditional Swedish/sports massages and this is the wring-me-out experience I had been looking for.

I felt safe and totally trusted Sarah and this was such a life-affirming experience.

I really felt like more than my muscles got worked out, and this is what really good bodywork should do: in supporting our physical well-being, it lets us unblock everything else. I can't wait to go back!

- Janet K.



This was more than I expected!

"Sarah is definitely the real deal.

She relieved all the tension in my body and sensed where I needed adjustments. Amazingly, I'm not super sore but I was able to do a difficult stretch this morning without any tightness in my IT band.

I was also impressed with how she integrated reflexology and a loving dose of reiki at the end. I didn't expect such a thoroughly holistic healing session in 90 minutes, but that stuff was palpable.

- Steph K.



"Sarah was absolutely wonderful.

I came to her with a very specific injury from skating and she was able to target where the pain was originating and help release the tension in those areas to begin the healing process. In addition she gave me a small anatomy lesson so that I could understand what muscle groups I'm using along with stretches that can help keep me from injuring myself in the future.

Highly recommend.

- Ben Jaeger-Thomas


Best Massage

"Basically I don't know why I'd ever get another "regular" massage
- Sarah is the complete package.

A total healer in every sense - I felt like she was really listening and in tune with everything my body / mind was going through and addressed it through her healing touch.

HIGHLY recommend.

- Lauren M.


Sarah is an amazing healer!

"This was my first Thai Yoga Massage and now the only way I ever want a massage going forward.

Sarah understands how the body works and she gets in all the places that need attention and love.

I feel so much less stress in my back and feet and less cracking. Sarah informed me of ways to improve my digestion and walking which are a big part of my body's ailments. I can't wait to come back and often. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soles!!!

- B.A.




"Sarah's presence and intuition as well as her strong touch allow for a deeply healing experience.

By moving my leg she recognized an issue with my pelvis (a leftover misalignment from the birth of my son) that she re-aligned with a really simple move without me really even becoming conscious that I still had an issue (I had 6 weeks of pelvic rehabilitation therapy after the birth 4 years ago) and I walked out feeling re balanced in a way I didn't even know was possible.

- Tiffany P.